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DTG pigment ink Application

Textile pigment ink can be used for garments, T-Shirts, cut pieces, cotton cloth, decorative cloth, wall cloth, curtains and other without steaming washing technology for digital printing. Product classification and application direction, Readymade Garments, T-Shirts, decorative cloth, wall cloth, curtains, copy the wo... [more]

Sublimation ink application

Heat transfer is using sublimetion ink (i.e. dye sublimation ink) print in color ink jet paper (or dye sublimation special ink-jet printing paper), or ordinary ink to print in the film of thermal transfer paper, then heating transfer equipment heat to a certain temperature in the few minutes .... [more]

Common fault phenomenon and the possible reasons

Printer when printing, different strange failure phenomenon is multifarious, failure reasons, it is difficult to describe, but plus ca change, understand the requirements of the terminal market and the status quo, it is not hard to summarize and induce its phenomenon in common: ... [more]

The influencing factors of ink used

1.The printer working environment: Ambient temperature too high or too low, the humidity is too high or too low, to a certain extent can cause ink part of the change of physical and chemical parameters, thus affecting ink viscosity, liquidity, surface tension, etc., ... [more]

Ink use, storage environment

Ink use, storage environment 1.Ink use environment: (1)temperature: room temperature (10 to 25 degrees Celsius); (2)the humidity: 40-70%; (3)the printer grounding, grounding is stable, the grounding voltage of 0.5 V or less; (4)the printer working voltage, stable voltage input, 220 v + 10%, or 110 v + 10% (specific each... [more]

The classification of ink

Inkjet printer ink is used in the water-based ink, that is to say, is water soluble. Inkjet ink is divided into the dye ink and pigment ink: 1. dye ink, ink is dye aid of aqueous solution, the color performance and exquisite, but fear of water, afraid of light, the color cant last long. 2. pigment ink is ink pigment par... [more]

High quality ink performance

1.seepage is fast, the drying time is short. 2.Stability: not bad, not crystal 3.waterproof: drops of water on the print proof, design will not blur. 4.light: not fade for a long time. 5.wear-resisting, with fingers across manuscript, there will be no color on her finger. 6.high color saturation, color reduction degree ... [more]

The composition of the ink

1. printing ink or toner The color of the ink is produced by the color of the pigment. 2. Penetration dhi The faster the ink dry, its performance is optimal. Fast dry ink can be done by two ways, one is quick volatilization, the other is a fast penetration. Desktop printer with inkjet ink solvent is water, its quick dry... [more]

How to wash print heads

Do not use the printer for a long time, the nozzle may local dry part of the ink and will lead to print out or print effect is not good, most is for the ink system appear small bubbles, it is easy to make the ink channel into the ink hole forming an air blocking, led to the suspension of nozzle ink, therefore, generally... [more]

Basic knowledge of inkjet printer ink

Basic knowledge of inkjet printer ink As a printer inkjet ink an indispensable part of the application, on the output effect, plays a great role. At the same time, the printer as a system, and its printing effect better, is also determined by the combination of many factors, choose the inkjet ink to print effect with go... [more]