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UVINK tech focused on real Environmentally safe advertisement solvent ink

One: The history of advertisement ink: from solvent ink to mils solvent ink, from eco solvent ink to U- real eco solvent ink. The advertisement ink I speak here is a kind of digital inkjet printing ink, which used on printing outdoor or indoor advertisement pictures, usually it use wide-format printers... [more]

Good product can speak

Why do so many new products fail? Usually for many reasons. We belive successful product can speak. How do best, how do successful? ... [more]

Who is Uvink

You maybe heard Uvink here or there,But who is Uvink,You will know us more when you read following information.... [more]

UMK Sublimation Ink-Ultra Black

Do you still have troubles in finding sublimation ink which is ultra black? Are you not satisfied with the inks that you are using right now? ... [more]

Choose U-real eco solvent ink, choose future!

All of our products are especially designed to provide a close match in color and image quality to the original ink while providing cost savings to the consumer. What is U-real eco solvent ink? ... [more]

UVINK company was invited to attend 2016 Shanghai EXPO

UVINK team invites you to participate in the 2016 Shanghai International Advertising Technology & Equipment Exhibition, this year with "green" as the theme of "pure green" low-solvent inks, inkjet large green water, drying water-based dye ink and other innovative and environmentally friendly products ... [more]

Wholesale High Quality Pigment Ink/Textile Ink

Product Description UVINK brand textile printing ink production description 1.DTG ink, mean direct to garment ink. It is a water based pigment ink for Epson. 2.It is suitable to printing on: cotton, hemp, silk material. Soft hand feeling: no thick color on cloth surface, material surface watch same as no print place, hand feeling soft as no printing... [more]

UVINK Tech - Lead the trend of environmental friendly ink!

Several years ago, there is a brand who insist on its way to research eco-friendly digital ink, emphasize green environmental business model. That is UVINK TECH CO.,LTD. As a leading enterprise of digital printing technology industry, UVINK looks signally different from others in Chinese markets. On 23th, July 2016, one famous domestic TV show journ... [more]